My Research

Sexy Girls: Investigating Hypersexualisation & Raunch Culture

tumblr_oe2qt4xnbw1vgl87xo1_540I am researching my thesis on Raunch Culture at the The University of York’s Centre for Women’s Studies. As Raunch Culture enters a new phase by where it is expanding, diversifying and, most importantly being amalgamated as a norm in mainstream consumer culture I am investigating what effect this will have on the freedom, equality and safety of women and young girls. My research takes a multi-faceted approach combining interviews and focus groups, textural analysis of celebrity selfies and autoethnographic enquiry into my own position, experiences of, and responses to, Raunch culture in a bid to create research which in addition to having academic merit, serves as a form of feminist political activism.

A Key component of my thesis will be autoethnographic work in which I will be focusing on how I am politically and culturally situated in my research. I will be introspecting on my biases, conflicts, privileges, experiences and opinions of the research process and examining how my ongoing battles with depression and generalised anxiety interact with my research. Further info can be found in my PhD Journal, and if you’re interested in taking part in my research, please see HERE for more info or Contact me