Go Bold, or Go Home -YLTA Symposium Time!

Pre-presentation Game Face

CN: Anxiety/panic attacks

The Students are Revolting – Presentation

I’m not normally a nervous public speaker but I have found preparing for my 8 minute YLTA talk more nerve-wracking than anything I’ve done so far in terms of conferences and teaching. The task was to speak for 8 minutes, with 2 additional minutes for Q&A on any aspect of pedagogical practice which relates to a choice of 4 broad themes.

It was obvious to me that I would do my talk on feminist teaching and reflect on how I draw on feminist pedagogical methodology to ‘engage students in learning.’ Simple. As I thought more about how I could do this talk, I decided that I wanted to speak more broadly on politics in the academy/classroom as I would be addressing a room of non-gender studies scholars and doing justice to a talk on feminist pedagogy would require more background knowledge than I would have time to share. I wrote the following abstract, submitted it and thought nothing more of it for several weeks, though my YLTA supervisor did email back to say that it sounded ‘interesting’ but perhaps he didn’t agree with my stance. If I’m honest I dismissed his comments thinking ‘he’s a scientist’ he likes objectivity, he doesn’t get it but that’s what my paper will address.

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Feedback on CCC Teaching


So as we approached the end of the semester I thought that it would be appropriate to go out and ask my students for some feedback on the seminars we’ve done together so far. I wanted to get their feedback before the Easter break so that I could spend some time studying it and incorporating it into our remaining classes next semester. Previously I’ve printed copies of a short questionnaire that I devised and asked the students to complete them during the class but this invariably takes time away from the seminar so this time I decided to try using Survey Monkey and emailing the link to the students to complete in their own time. Continue reading

CCC Week 9 – Mass Culture

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Week 9 – Mass Culture Slides

General Reflections

Good classes this week, some lively discussion around class, the north south divide, and the correct name for baps (breadcakes, barms, buns etc) which meant that there was a nice atmosphere in the classroom. With my background in politics it was nice to be able to utilise some of my theoretical knowledge on the subject matter though I was mindful to try and do this in a way that linked to historiography and methods of historical research.

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