I’m 112 in PhD Years: Exploring and accepting my fine Academic ‘Mess’


‘I’m 25 in the rest of the world, but I’m about 48 in actress years. I’m just around the corner from my midlife crisis.’

Amber Heard cited in (CBS News, 2011)

I started my PhD a long time ago. A REALLY long time ago; David Cameron (remember him?) was still Prime Minister, the country was rioting, and the US had just killed Osama Bin Laden. I’ve come to realise that every PhD journey is an epic one, the late nights, the nagging doubts, the permanent and soul-destroying combination of inferiority complex and imposter syndrome; they’re all part of the price we pay (to say nothing of the actual price, as tuition fees continue to rise, the academic job market becomes ever more casualised and the prospect of every paying off one’s overdraft is almost as absurd as that of being able to buy a house!). Rant aside, I am aware that the ups and downs of doctoral research are almost universal to all of us who dare (are daft enough?) to wander here. That said, my journey has been an exceptionally long one. The nature of a (financially dictated) part time study, coupled with my long and complex history of mental illness has meant that (gods be willing!) I will undertake my viva nine years after I made that fateful decision to submit my application to study. Continue reading

Me too*

CN: Sexual assault/ harassmentballoon-2686564_1920

Two words: Harvey. Weinstein. The media is awash right now with Hollywood types of all ilks rushing to distance themselves from the mogul turned sexual predator. Hillary Clinton has expressed her ‘shock’ at the behaviour of her former friend and James Corden has rightly received a good dressing down for making jokes about the serious allegations which have began to emerge.

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CGWS Summer School Notes – Trans* Bowie, Trans* Prince – Prof. Jack Halberstam


Image by Anne Graefer

I have to admit that the Cultural Studies nerd in me was more than a little excited to see Jack Halberstam give the keynote speech for the CGWS Summer School in Lancaster on Monday. As I arrived at the venue and was the first to take my seat in the auditorium I was positively giddy and am happy to report that I was not disappointed!  Continue reading