Returning to Azeroth

ITinkerspellst had been more than two years since I last logged in to my World of Warcraft account. I had enjoyed playing with my brother and my exe, but never made it all the way to the top – the best I ever managed was around level 51, but recently I’d been feeling the urge to get back into it so I bought myself a three month game card and went to see if I could still remember how to play!

Two weeks later, I’ve got a level 31 Gnome Mage (obviously) for solo play and a 22 Night Elf Mage for running with my brother and am definitely back in to it again… obsessively checking my auction lots and reading up on lore and everything! Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 IS big but it’s not clever and that’s ok!

Yes, it’s another Marvel superhero movie and, and yes, it’s a sequel, but I have to admit to being quite excited to see the latest Guardians of the Galaxy instalment as it hit the big screens this month.

There’s something about it’s oddball mix of superhero caricatures that I find really endearing. With  walking deadpan Drax, fierce badass Gamora, funky as f@!k Quill and robo-raccoon (*sorry I mean ‘trash panda’) Rocket, not to mention the simply adorable Groot, there are laughs to be had from the get go and even long into the extensive extras ‘hidden’ in the credits.

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Queering the Doctor

So Dr. Who finally returned to our screens after what has felt like a long vacation. The Christmas special just wasn’t enough to satisfy my nerdy little taste buds and with rumours of a new, queer companion I was quite giddy by the time it returned on Saturday!

That said, I would be lying if I wasn’t a little apprehensive about what they would do with this new companion, I’ve been hurt before when my favourite franchises resort to tokenism, stereotyping and trope wielding, but was reasonably confident in their ability to handle a LGBTQ* companion with nuance and sensitivity as there is good form to be found in John Barrowman’s Jack Harkness, and my fierce favourites Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint (of infamous ‘lesbian lizard kiss’ controversy!).

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The Gender Game- Bella Forrest

A friend recommended I check out this book, and as the kindle edition is currently only 99p on Amazon I thought I’d give it a go. The first thing to say is that it is not a great work of literature, the language is a little basic, and certain phrases and descriptions are repeated too often which feels clunky. Having read the whole book, I’m still not sure if it’s a YA novel but the lack of literary nuance suggests that probably it is.

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Like a Steampunk WoW but in space (and free)! – Wildstar Early Impressions

I’veCapture.PNG been playing World of Warcraft on and off for years, its not the most exciting game and certainly not the mot visually enticing, but like and old pair of well worn and loved slippers, there is something comforting about returning to Azeroth, it is in-offensive and I know where I stand and what I’m doing with it. As I’m now single and living alone, I have more time on my hands in the evening, especially now it’s Easter break at uni so I’m trying to make a conscious effort to spend some of this extra time doing things I love rather than just watching TV and whiling away the hours before bed. When I’ve been away from WoW for a while I like to start a new character from scratch as often so much has changed in game that spending time levelling and remembering how to play again is usually enjoyable. But this time it was different, I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve played the same old starting quests so many times (I nearly always play as a gnome mage) and nothing has really changed in game since I was last here a year or so ago. I ended up logging out after about an hour and wasn’t feeling particularly compelled to log back in again.

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Enough Space For Everyone Else

Backed this awesome comic anthology on Kickstater a while ago. It’s based on the notion that Science fiction is about infinite possibilities but invariably falls back on the same tired tropes of war, conquest and imperialism and it’s finally arrived. Really looking forward to reading it and will post a review when I have! More info about the project can be found HERE