In the Dog House!

Picked up a manky old crate from a charity shop months ago and finally got round to taking advantage of some sunshine and upcycling it today. It’s more chabby than chic but hopefully Lola will like it! You can see where she smudged the paint with her nose so hopefully that’s a good sign!

Lighthouses, Storms and Carpet Making

I’ve returned to the North and moved into my new house. Although I’ve taken many of my belongings with me from the home I shared with my ex, my new house feels kind of barren in comparison. I’m not a materialistic person per se, I’m certainly not interested in expensive, designer things – its just not my bag, but I do love to be surrounded by artefacts from my life, art, books and objects with sentimental value. The split has meant that some of my most treasured possessions I can no longer bring myself to look at, I made them for, or bought them with  her. Also, having finished the scarf I’m in need of a new craft project to keep my mind occupied when everything is quiet and my thoughts start raging so I spent my Christmas money on the above rug making kit.

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You’re Having A Scarf!

So whilst staying with my parents and trying to heal my broken heart it became apparent that I needed something to keep my mind occupied. I wasn’t in any state to really be studying and I couldn’t concentrate at all on anything remotely taxing, so I took advantage of having my mum around and got her to teach me to knit. I’d done a little before when I was a kid but never really made anything properly. I found that knitting for me is really soothing and when I do it mindfully, it has meditative properties, so I spent hours sat on the seafront, or in front of the fire knitting away my tears. The above is not the best scarf in the world, it has a few ‘dodgy’ bits, but it is mine and in addition to keeping me warm, the emotion that went into it, also means that it makes me feel safe the minute I put it on. Also, I am loving this wool and it’s Pride-esque glittery, rainbow qualities!