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CN: Sexual assault/ harassmentballoon-2686564_1920

Two words: Harvey. Weinstein. The media is awash right now with Hollywood types of all ilks rushing to distance themselves from the mogul turned sexual predator. Hillary Clinton has expressed her ‘shock’ at the behaviour of her former friend and James Corden has rightly received a good dressing down for making jokes about the serious allegations which have began to emerge.

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‘Oh my vote is as red as my blood’ – a defense of my ‘tribal’ Labour politics


CN: Reference to racist slur and ableist comments

I am Labour through and through. I am from a Labour family, the daughter of a trade unionist and granddaughter of coal miner. If you cut me open you’d find the words ‘for the many’ written on my bones (and a whole host of other clichés too!). I have always been, and know in my heart of hearts, that I will always be Labour. Even in darkest days of Iraq, Blair and PFI, I couldn’t ever see myself voting for anyone else. I’ve joked before that it was much easier to tell my father that I’m queer than it would ever have been to say I was considering voting Lib Dem- thankfully the latter is not a bridge I’ve ever had to cross, but it’s statements like these that open me up to accusations of ‘tribalism’ from my progressive friends.

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Thoughts on the Manifesto – a list of the good stuff!

“We will measure our economic success not by the number of billionaires, but by the ability of our people to live richer lives.” Labour Manifesto 2017

I was planning to write a long blog post reviewing and analysisng the 2017 Labour Party Manifesto when it came out earlier this week. I sat down with a coffee ready to start picking it apart and making notes but all I really got was a long list of really awesome, well thought out and properly costed policies that don’t really require any further explanation. I’m disappointed that theres no mention of freedom of movement following Brexit and that the commitment to Trident renewal remains, despite even Jeremy’s longstanding objection to it. However, below equates to a very basic overview of some of the really good stuff that’s in the manifesto and I can’t recommend enough that you give it a read for yourselves and think long and hard about the real differences we could make to people’s lives when we cast our votes on 08/06/17.  We now have real answers to the problems which are plaguing people’s lives, dehumanising, humiliating, disenfranchising and curtailing all of us. We have the opportunity to vote for a government that is forward looking, progressive and rooted in progress, fulfillment and fairness for all – the many not just the few.

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