Introducing Tabby!

So after the heartbreak of having to re-home Lola, a decision I am still trying to come to terms with, I knew I would need a new companion in my life; not to replace Lola but to fill a small part of the void she has left. Tabby was being advertised locally as in need of rehoming as her original owner who had had her since kittenhood, has since had three kids and a puppy join the household, and Tabby, who lost her sister earlier this year had been becoming gradually more and more withdrawn to the point where she was virtually living in a walk-in wardrobe. Her previous owner was lovely and did checks to ensure that I would be able to offer Tabby a good home, and was visibly sad to have to rehome her but knew it was for the best.

I brought Tabby home a week ago today and whilst she is very shy and likes to keep herself to herself, she is slowly but surely coming out of her shell and learning to trust, and not fear me. Maybe we will be able to help each other out.


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