Thoughts on the Manifesto – a list of the good stuff!

“We will measure our economic success not by the number of billionaires, but by the ability of our people to live richer lives.” Labour Manifesto 2017

I was planning to write a long blog post reviewing and analysisng the 2017 Labour Party Manifesto when it came out earlier this week. I sat down with a coffee ready to start picking it apart and making notes but all I really got was a long list of really awesome, well thought out and properly costed policies that don’t really require any further explanation. I’m disappointed that theres no mention of freedom of movement following Brexit and that the commitment to Trident renewal remains, despite even Jeremy’s longstanding objection to it. However, below equates to a very basic overview of some of the really good stuff that’s in the manifesto and I can’t recommend enough that you give it a read for yourselves and think long and hard about the real differences we could make to people’s lives when we cast our votes on 08/06/17.  We now have real answers to the problems which are plaguing people’s lives, dehumanising, humiliating, disenfranchising and curtailing all of us. We have the opportunity to vote for a government that is forward looking, progressive and rooted in progress, fulfillment and fairness for all – the many not just the few.


  • Creation of a National Investment Bank – Making £250 billion of credit available to support local business and community projects
  • Widening ownership of the economy – democratising rail and power companies and bringing control back to the people
  • Ban on Fracking
  • Scrap the Brexit Whitepaper
  • EU Rights and Protections Bill to help cover us for rights lost upon leaving the EU


  • National Education Service, cradle to grave learning, free at the point of use
    • Labour would introduce free, lifelong education in Further Education (FE) colleges, enabling everyone to upskill or retrain at any point in life.
  • Bring back EMA
  • Abolition of tuition fees


  • £10 living wage, end public sector pay cap, maximum pay ratios and an end to the Trade Union act
  • Ban unpaid internships
  • Abolish tribunal fees
  • Ban zero hours contracts


  • Dignity for pensioners
    • Compensation for women who have lost out unfairly due to increase in pension age


  • Scrap the punitive sanctions regime •
  • Scrap the Bedroom Tax
  • Reinstate Housing Benefit for under-21s
  • Scrap work capability assessments and end privatisation of assessments
  • Partiy for mental and physical illness
  • Re-assess performance management in job centres


  • Inflation cap on rental rises and 3 year tenancy to become the norm
  • Ban letting agency fees for tenants
  • Minimum standards for rental properties
  • Suspension of right to buy


  • £30 billion extra NHS funding
  • Ringfencing mental health budgets and introducing meaningful choice in therapies and treatments

Justice and Gender Issues

  • Prohibit cross examination by domestic abusers
  • Minimum standards for tackling domestic and sexual violence
  • Violence against women commissioner
  • Reform gender recognition act

Leading Meaningful Lives

  • Reduce maximum stakes on fixed odds betting machines from £100 to £2
  • Animal Welfare
    • Holt badger culling
    • Keep foxhunting ban
    • Ban on 3rd party puppy sales
  • Arts pupil premium

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