Postmodern Jukebox at Leeds O2 Accademy 14/03/2017

IMG_0351I haven’t been to a proper gig for ages. Partly because I spent most of the winter hibernating at my parents’ house in Cornwall which only has a few music venues, and even fewer artists willing to tour there, so I knew my first gig in while would have to be an epic one and I was not disappointing! £30 is the most I’ve ever spent on gig tickets and really more than my budget would normally permit, but I felt like treating myself having been away from the gig scene for so long.

I have been following and loving PMJ online for a number of years so was really excited to get tickets for their world tour. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as they are a massive collective and when they tour they often play two gigs at the same time with some members at one venue and others playing on the other side of the world which although creates a fear of not getting to see your favourite artists, it also means that every gig they play is unique and you’re always in for a surprise when you go to see them.

I need not have worried about being disappointed, I am utterly in love with Von Smith and Casey Abrams both of whom were in Leeds for the gig I went to, making a total of 12 performers playing and meaning that the gig had a real ‘variety show’ feel to it. Ariana Savalas was a fantastic host, cheeky, wild, fierce and funny to boot and the sheer amount of talent on stage was breathtaking. Von’s phenomenal vocal range was really showcased in his cover of ‘cry me a river’ and Casey covering ‘Creep’ sent chills down my spine.

The energy these guys have is astounding and completely infectious. I’d talked my brother into letting us get seats in the balcony rather than standing in the stalls which meant we were further away, but being as I am 4″11 did mean I could actually see the stage, and even up there the atmosphere was electric and the seats were rocking as people swayed, clapped, clicked and boogied along with PMJ. I was surprised how many people left before the end though, as the band walked off stage there was a mass exodus of people who missed an excellent and generous encore including a personal favourite ‘Stacy’s Mom’!

I left the gig with a huge smile on my face despite having left my wallet at home and my phone in a cab earlier in the evening!  The show really was worth every penny, and when you consider how many spectacular vocalists, musicians and dancers I got to see it’s the best value gig I’ve ever attended -I’ll definitely be back to see them next time they tour even if I have to start saving now!

Credit to my brother for the below pics- as mentioned I didn’t have my phone on me!

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