Hidden Figures – A Few Thoughts


Image credit http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4846340 /mediaviewer/rm755107840

So I went to see ‘Hidden Figures’ on Sunday and have needed a couple of days to collect my thoughts on it. As a film, I enjoyed it and its a great ‘untold story’ but I was left feeling a little uncomfortable.

Firstly I wondered if the movie’s creators at times fell back on ‘the sassy black woman’ stereotype, or whether this was just how I, as a privileged white woman, have been taught t0 read depictions of strong women of colour. This is a wondering that I haven’t resolved and maybe its not for me to resolve, simply to notice and question.

My discomfort was better explained earlier today when a friend shared this excellent article on Facebook which succinctly  explains the problematic depictions (and in some cases, fabrications) in the movie of ‘white saviours’; it seems that ‘Hidden Figures’ is another story about people of colour written by white folks for other white folks. Disappointing  as its such a great subject matter and there are some terrific performances.

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