Further reflections on marking

b0fb99e3-e2f5-4aea-93d8-528b4d40f70fI’ve realised that teaching and in particular marking is making me a better student. I’ve never really understood university mark schemes before but now they make sense and I know, loosely what a first class, 2:1 and 2:2 essay look like. I’m finding that I can get a good indication of the level of the paper from the introduction which has reiterated to me just how important a good introduction is. Obviously I knew this but I can see as a marker how a strong intro makes it easier to mark the essay and know what the student is trying to say/ where they are going.

I’ve also become more studious as in honesty I was not the most engaged undergrad. I left things to the last minute and got by on winging it far too often. I am, not for the first time, finding myself wishing that I knew then what I do now, but I suppose that’s the point of growth and progress.

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