Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger – Film Screening

Went to see the above film screening this evening as part of York LGBTQ* History Month. Am proud of myself for going as I am feeling pretty snowed under at the moment with research, teaching and marking but I felt that it was important for me to get myself out of the house and engage in something different.

The screening was really interesting though it did not give much background to Kate’s work so prior knowledge was useful. It was good to see the controversy she has generated by using the ‘T’ word acknowledged but the film didn’t really have the scope to really go into the complexities of it. I was particularly interested in her argument than middle class trans people dislike the word because of it’s association with a particular kind of trans person – ie, working class, sex worker as this was not something that I had considered before.

It was moving to hear her talk about her frustration with the LGBTQ* liberation movement and it’s push for marriage equality when there are so many more pressing issues facing the community- especially in the US where healthcare is not guaranteed as it is here. She said that our approach should be one of ‘Triage’ – thinking about who is hurting most and needs the most urgent help. This really resonated with me particular as someone who has seen up close the agony of gender dysphoria in a loved one and the lack of, and barriers to, support and treatment.

I found her frankness about sex and sexuality inspiring and a little uncomfortable and want to reflect further on why this is.

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