Back in Ac(ademia)


So the new terms is officially in full swing and I’m getting used to life as a full time academic. Man it’s busy! Last week I attended two days worth of conferences, taught 4 classes, attended social events, and endeavoured to actually work on my PhD. 

The Sisterhood in Action conference at CWS was wonderful as ever – so many inspiring and brilliant people all coming together to share our work. We had a an open mic night in the evening which was wonderful, emotional, powerful, funny, entertaining and fierce as hell! I spoke a bit about the York Feminist Collective that we’re setting up and also read a couple of Steph-Pike poems. Was really nervous for some reason and Amy (who was in the audience) said that I was visibly shaking which isn’t like me.

I am so busy at the moment with academic work but am tired but happy. Next week I have 33 1st History papers to mark as well as teaching prep to do and getting ready for my first Focus group which is happening next weekend. I am really looking forward to it, and it should be enjoyable as I am conducing the discussion group with people from my friendship group who self-itentify as feminists – that’s all part of the challenge though as I’m not sure what the dynamic will be like. Am hoping that I manage to find enough time to get properly prepared for it. At the moment, PhD work keeps slipping down the to do list. Hoping that the next few weeks are a bit less manic but it’s not looking like it!!

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