Lighthouses, Storms and Carpet Making

I’ve returned to the North and moved into my new house. Although I’ve taken many of my belongings with me from the home I shared with my ex, my new house feels kind of barren in comparison. I’m not a materialistic person per se, I’m certainly not interested in expensive, designer things – its just not my bag, but I do love to be surrounded by artefacts from my life, art, books and objects with sentimental value. The split has meant that some of my most treasured possessions I can no longer bring myself to look at, I made them for, or bought them with  her. Also, having finished the scarf I’m in need of a new craft project to keep my mind occupied when everything is quiet and my thoughts start raging so I spent my Christmas money on the above rug making kit.

I’ve always had a great affinity for lighthouses, I think they remind me of the coast and home, and they also represent a kind of resilience in the face of stormy times that I admire. Lighthouses remind me that I have weathered worse and I even wear one round my neck. So far I’m enjoying it. Its a very easy craft to pick up and I’m using a carpet hook that my mum gave me which belonged to her grandmother which is a nice touch. It’s slow going though – a line of knots is taking me about an hour so it’ll be a while before I have a new rug for my bedroom!

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