You’re Having A Scarf!

So whilst staying with my parents and trying to heal my broken heart it became apparent that I needed something to keep my mind occupied. I wasn’t in any state to really be studying and I couldn’t concentrate at all on anything remotely taxing, so I took advantage of having my mum around and got her to teach me to knit. I’d done a little before when I was a kid but never really made anything properly. I found that knitting for me is really soothing and when I do it mindfully, it has meditative properties, so I spent hours sat on the seafront, or in front of the fire knitting away my tears. The above is not the best scarf in the world, it has a few ‘dodgy’ bits, but it is mine and in addition to keeping me warm, the emotion that went into it, also means that it makes me feel safe the minute I put it on. Also, I am loving this wool and it’s Pride-esque glittery, rainbow qualities!

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