YLTA Residential – Day 1

3939b558-9c9e-4556-83ed-e66d3596d889First day of the YLTA residential and feeling tired, a bit drained but also inspired and challenged. I gave my ‘mini’ seminar today and it appears to have gone better than I thought it did when I was actually doing it though I clashed with the convener a bit who, to me, seems to have a more rigid pedagogy than the one I am trying to cultivate in myself.

I have also become aware of how little pedagogical theory I know and am worried about how I am going to find time to read about teaching, teach, prepare for teaching and do my research. It must be possible and I am part time so in many ways have more time than most post-grads. Just scary thinking about the amount of work ahead.

There were some speeches from YLTA alumni who won prizes for their portfolios last year and if I’m honest I so want to win one for mine. I can’t explain why but I still posses this deep need to be recognised for my work and to be the ‘best’ in my field, something that I have not experienced since finishing college. I am also desperate to be the best teacher that I can be, it means so much to me, more than my PhD itself and I am terrified that I am not going to excel at this or be able to make a career in teaching.

Only away for one night, but missing my other half. I miss having her to talk to at the end of the day and feeling her next to me when I get into bed. I feel drained from the work, thinking, stress and being up at 6am, but also from the amount of socialising that today has required. I don’t think I ever used to find it this difficult or unpleasant meeting new people, and I’ve met some really interesting people today but I came up to my room pretty early as I just felt like I couldn’t manage any more small talk.

Looking forward to tomorrow though and finding out more about what creating my YLTA portfolio will involve.

Time to hit the hay now I think, before I pass out



  • Accredited
  • 20 MA credits
  • Associate Fellowship
  • Followed by PGCAP – 60 MA credits when appointed as a lecturer

Take home messages

  • Students should be doing more than you in sessions
  • Teaching is a craft refined through reflection
  • Substantiate feedback and make it constructive
  • Learning styles, diversity and cultural differences are positives – use them to your advantage
  • You can be creative and not break the rules

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