Methodology Chapter Done

58a1f7ac-2e8e-4cc2-97b5-71003e74b4beIt’s finally complete! 24,000 words of methodology chapter written up, proof-read and ready to submit ahead of my confirmation on November 1st (which also happens to be my 30th Birthday!)

It feels really good to have finally completed a big chunk of work for my thesis but the more work I do, the more work I am aware needs doing and I am frustrated at how much time I have wasted.

I sailed through my first degrees doing very little work and hardly turning up to anything, and started my PhD off the same way. I realise now just how mentally unwell I was but I also think I was lazy and too wrapped up in other things to really make the most of the learning opportunities I had. Consequently, I feel like I am behind, I think about how much I’d know and understand if I’d been properly engaged over the last decade and it makes me so sad, and frustrated. I also worry that it’s too late for me to catch up but I am trying now to give it my all and remain focused on what really matters to me.

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