Say Cheese! – Settling on Selfies (From methodology 1st Draft)


Now I know what you’re thinking… adverts… done to death….music videos…done to death… ‘is anyone gonna tell her about ‘Selfie Studies’? So I’m aware that discourse around the selfie is certainly not new or exactly cutting edge but I’ve accepted that it simply not possible to find an element of mainstream culture that has not already been thoroughly investigated. Moreover, it would appear to be an occupational hazard of doing part time research, and taking time out with mental health problems that whilst I am plodding on methodically and with ever more determination to complete this project, the rest of the academy is moving at what to me, feel like brake-neck speed. I have seen several ‘generations’ of students at the Centre for Women’s Studies where I am based arrive, research and graduate. At times this has been utterly heart-braking for me as I have sat with Black Dog on my lap wondering if I will ever be able to finish as my friends move on with their lives getting ‘proper’ jobs, mortgages, marriages, divorces and children…. In fairness though in this time, my girlfriend and I have gotten engaged and deemed ourselves responsible enough to get a dog and even ISA’s! (which although empty at the time of writing do at least show the intention to save!)… Alas, I digress. The point is that I have had to come to terms with the fact that even if I was more ‘down with the kids’ and had come to think about selfies sooner, somebody else would have gotten there first anyway! With that in mind I began to conduct some preliminary research into ‘selfie-mania’ and believe that not only does it offer a viable site for the kind of visual textural analysis I want to conduct, there is also cope for me to bring a new

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