Further reflections on Selfies as Method (From 1st draft of methodology chapter)

33ead081-94cd-4a67-b651-def060206c1eAlthough it is both reactive and reductive to think about selfies solely in terms of the potential harm caused by the obsessive editing and posting of selfies, I must confess that I was interested in Shah & Tewari’s findings that “some members of the group agreed that it [selfie taking] sometimes leads to obsession about taking a number of selfies from various angles just to get that ‘right’ click.” (Shah & Tewari 2016, p.6) This observation only struck a chord with me when I came to assemble the above collage of my own recent selfies and was ashamed to realise that most of my selfies were deliberately taken from above to avoid the appearance (reality) of a double chin! Most of the selfies in the collage were taken from my private WhatsApp message archive meaning that I only shared them with my long term partner who has probably noticed by now that I am a fat person and were never intended to be made public. This realisation has made me question my own integrity as a feminist and body positivist and this will be the source of further reflection.

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