9da5a843-85c9-44d0-a365-2dce50fe86daI decided quite some time ago to do some autoethnography in my PhD. I want to be honest in acknowledging where I sit politically and culturally in relation to my work, what my prejudices and passions are and how this might influence my research. I also believe that my PhD is a preformative political endeavour and so should serve as more than just an exercise in academic accomplishment. For this reason, I am also intending to write about my experiences of research against the backdrop of my ongoing struggles with depression and generalised anxiety disorder.

I’ve been putting off getting started on the autoethnographical writing for quite some time now, the fear of the blank page has been crippling so I decided to do some reading around the theory and practice of autoethnography as I’ve always found it easier, and somehow comforting to read about things rather than actually do them.

Anyway, this voyage onto wordpress will act as a way of starting that journey and this particular blog will be a  space for me to record my ongoing reflections on the process.

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