Autoethnography reading

Epiphany – interviews with relations and friends. I know these incredible women why not utilise that?

My research as ‘preformative’

  • By which in speaking I am performing a political act – see Denzin 2003

How has my depression affected not only my ability to research but my relationship/ views on my research topic?

Interweaving my autoethnography

Selfies are in a way autoethnographic

Am I interesting enough for autoethnography?

  • Fear that I didn’t really ‘beat’ my depression – it went away on its own

Realisation that my autoethnography is not about my experiences, but my politics

Intention to include some original excerpts of my methodology chapter as it is now

Chatham-Carpenter (2010) uses italics to voice her own thought

Being warned not to give m activism paper by an academic at the autoethnography conference

‘Snapshots, articles, photographs’ – Munch

I am less invested in how my autoethnography may be generalised from in relation to what it tells us about others or a phenomenon (quite simply, it can’t) > but what it tells me about where I sit in relation to others, structures and theories



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