Journal Entry

860ceb5b-a93c-41d2-a6db-43e06c09993eSo it’s all go with my PhD. Finally finished work at Lloyds last week and have got teaching lined up in CWS, History and Politics in the coming months. My key priority at the moment is working towards my confirmation/upgrade which will probably be some time in October

I am working hard to produce a methodology chapter for my supervisor by the middle of next week. To be honest I’m feeling pretty pushed for time but am enjoying the adrenaline of working against the clock. It feels so invigorating to be free to engage with my research and despite a few false starts it’s great to remember why I love doing this.

I also feel mentally well (physically less so) and able to concentrate properly for hours on end and engage critically with my reading. I seem to have found my flow in terms of research practice and have a good system for keeping on top of everything and organising my work.

The only worry bead at the moment is around my Fiance – she finds out on Tuesday if she being made redundant which obviously has financial implications as well as the emotional ones in relation to her private medical benefit and surgery.

At the moment it feels as though this worry is overshadowing everything and preventing me from being able to sit back and enjoy the fact that life is going really bloody well for me at the moment. I feel motivated and drived and really want to be able to produce something to impress my supervisor and restore her (at times tested) faith in me.

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