Selfies Reading Cont…

  • Notion of selfies as form of safe (ie non real world) sexual experimentation
  • Waskul ‘altersexuality’
  • Do I need to do some sexuality theory research? Giddens, Bauman, Jackson, Foucault?
  • Sexy selfies offer the potential to re-define ‘sexy’ but do they? Or do they merely replicate the hypersexualised images of the mainstream?
  • Technologies of arousal vs erotic looking glass
  • Stages of research
    • Thematic narrative analysis
    • Exploratory reading
    • Visual narrative analysis
  • Sexy selfies are usually headless for anonymity but this reduces the poster to a body

Cultivation theory

  • Media exposure creates a certain world view
  • More images we see, the more we believe the world is like what we see in these images

Use of re-enactments to avoid ethical issues of selfies

Investigate McRobbie ‘Gender Melancholia’

There has been an emphasis on social media analysis but I am interested in responses to celebrity selfies as opposed to the selfies posted by individual users


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