Feminist Pedagogy Thoughts

Prep for CWS interview

FP in HE (Light et al 2015)

  • bel hooks – ‘teaching must be committed to a process of self-actualisation’
  • Things to utilise
    • Teaching as part of self actualisation
    • Reflexive approach – me + students
    • Visual analysis
    • Role of self
  • De-centering dominant perspectives
  • Non – hierarchical classroom
  • Challenging dominant ideas of ‘knowledge’

Ideas for Practice

  • Student journals
  • Class blog
  • Activist art
  • Students to present their essay plans
  • Traits of fatness listed and compared with traits of otherness
  • Book Clubs
  • Bringing in students own examples – power over what it discussed
  • Critical engagement
  • Asking students to choose what they want to discuss
  • Autobiographical essays


  • Engaging international students
  • Students are now consumers
  • Marketisation = unis as exclusive research centres it responds to consumer training demands
  • Encouraging discussion which created a ‘single consciousness’


  • Empowering students
  • Holistic understanding of student identities
  • Reflexivity in teachers and students
  • Creating a link between the real world, our lives and what is learnt in the academy
  • Tutor is an intermediary – not fountain of truth
  • The bodies of feminist teachers are read as sites for their politics/ideas
  • Education is not a neutral process
  • Education as a place of change and struggle
  • Transfer of knowledge between contexts
  • Relationship between seeing and knowing
  • Providing space for students to voice anger
  • Encouraging students to explore for themselves
  • Consciousness raising

What do I bring?

  • Interdisciplinary approach
    • History, politics, visual culture
  • Mental health experience
  • Role of my body – issues around fatness
  • Research and visual ethnography helps to question the world beyond the classroom
  • Not about encouraging students to accept feminism but giving them the tools to critique things they had previously assumed


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