Next Step/ Realising Opportunities Training


  • Travel and funding for students
    • Anything at York or organised by us is covered
    • Funding available if students contact us for open days etc
  • The recognition guide is available online which explains which unis offer what kinds of reduced offers


  • The student must not submit work that they have done in school, it must be a new piece of work


  • Wider geographical reach
  • Summer residential
  • Students submit at end of year 13 (for RO this is year 12)
    • 2 weeks to complete
    • Set academic questions (RO = they chose)

Emails I will receive

  • Brightside log in
  • Residential timetable
  • NS Questions

NS Timeline

  • 5/7 – Deadline for first NS draft
  • 6/7 – Table marking
  • 8/7 – Comments back to students
  • 18/7 – 2nd deadline
  • 19/7 – Marking day
  • 21/7 – NS students told if they have passed/failed



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