Telling Lives: Feminist Stories of the Self

Conference – Lancaster University

Jackie Stacey

  • ‘Invested Narratives’
  • Intersubjectivity
  • It was ‘telling’ > content beyond author’s intentions
  • Publishing of personal texts becomes impersonal very quickly
  • Problem with using the singular
  • I am planning to write reflexively but also my participants will respond reflexively
  • Importance of affect of your story
  • As feminists – valuing the personal vs being invested in a specific response
  • People may respond as is typical for the genre as opposed to how we want them to respond

Angelica Pesarini

  • Layers of consciousness connecting the personal to the cultural
  • Analytical use of personal experiences which facilitate the understanding of a specific cultural experience
  • Connections between performance/ culture
  • Chang 2007 pg.209
  • Small sample for phenomenological analysis was preferable
  • Each woman’s account treated as a separate case

Black Feminist Epistemology

  • Racialised women to speak for themselves
  • Oppressed groups do produce knowledge but it is subjecated
  • Use of dialogue is important in womens’ histories
  • Identifying with participants ‘we’ used

Lynn Pearce

  • In her example – it is only incidentally about her – It is not about how she felt/what she experienced, it is a story of automobiles/ auto-mobilities
  • Driving North/Driving South

*Un-related thought – autoethnography as ‘director’s cut/commentary’ of my PhD

Karen Throsby

  • Autoethnography as giving a register & intensity of information
  • Use of blog to practice writing in different registers
  • History of ethnography as problematic

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