Nothing original

c583721b-d21f-4819-ad24-dc5ba74343f7Slow start to work today. A part of me was apprehensive about planning and writing something for my PhD for the first time in a very long time. Also, writing something for my supervisor for the first time (as I switched supervisors)

In addition, I’d been feeling pretty positive this week as I finally felt as though I was getting sense of my methodology and had a good idea of my basic framework but then I read the methodology chapter of someone who graduated from CWS a couple of years ago and found that my plan is really similar to what she did in hers. I had deliberately been putting off reading her thesis until I had a better sense of my own because O really didn’t want to end up absorbing too much of what she had done or developing mu idea in response to it.

I sent my supervisor an email last night telling her that I’d read this thesis and was feeling a bit deflated and she sent me a really great response so feeling more positive now.

Today I drew up a plan for a thought piece on my methodology to submit to my supervisor next week, procrastinated a bit but one I got started was really productive and am happy with the plan and the next steps. Just need to get on with writing it up tomorrow, which, in a way, is the easier bit but also the most intimidating. Hoping to sit down and just get on with it so that my partner and I can have a nice cinema date in the evening – using that as a reward/motivation to crack in with it.

Good news re YLTA – I emailed RDT yesterday because securing 9 hours of teaching is a pre-requisite for the course and I was worrying that I needed to have that sorted before the deadline for apps on 25/04 but O don’t have to start the teaching until October – thankfully. Also I can do some of my teaching hours in Leeds if I want to.

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