Reflecting on videos

Note: My study focusses on how women watch music videos and how this affects them > No scope for looking at how men watch and how men’s perspectives of women in music videos affects women in society

Is it a problem that I don’t personally watch mainstream music videos? Does this create a distance between myself and my participants?

  • Why don’t I watch them?
  • Academic snobbery?
  • How do I feel when I see these images

Relevance of portable multi-media devices for music video consumption

Are music videos only consumed by a younger generation?

  • Is this problematic?

Focus Group

  • How do audience members talk to each other about music videos?

Methods to research

Ethnography, Discourse Analysis, Phenomenology

I am not asking how particular videos are understood by my participants or how they make them act,  but how they make them feel > What does this even mean?

My research isn’t hypersexualisation good v bad. but how do women respond to it? What does that tell us, how does it aid our understanding.


  • Think about fundamental research questions
  • Mindmap thesis as a whole
  • Mindmap work due for Ann


  • How do women understand ‘Raunch Culture’?
    • Establish this through surveys and interviews, focus groups and womens’ responses to the ‘artefacts’ of Raunch culture, textural analysis of these artefacts and my own autoethnographic enquiry
  • Does it makes sense to use a framework which conceptualises raunch culture as a structure or ideology
    • How do women talk about it?

Desire to make my research available to women outside academia

  • Could I produce a fact sheet?
  • Blog entry?
  • Would this be patronising? – Could ask participants how they would prefer to access the info

Concept of Betroffenheit (van Zoonen pg.129)




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