Frameworks and Ideology – Thinking ‘out loud’


CN: Pornography, rape culture

What is unique about my study?

What does it contribute?

What does it aim to show?

New frameworks?

  • Asking women how they understand and feel about hypersexualisation
    • How they experience it
  • Autoethnography – how do I understand it/feel about it?
  • What is hypersexualisation?
    • A phenomenon?
    • A force?
    • Transmission?
    • Ideology
      • Can I conceptualise it has an ideology?
      • What does this add in terms of analysis?
  • Porn analysis methods applied to hypersexualisation

Arguments for Ideology model

  • Possesses certain values – moral/normative
  • Media as propaganda
  • There is resistance to it
  • Material talks about it as a force or deliberate movement – do my participants?
  • Political dimensions
  • If not an ideology then what?

Arguments against

  • No formal structure or organisation
  • People don’t identify with it as a belief system (like Socialism/Feminism)
  • Is ideology and unhelpful/outmoded way of understanding things in a ‘post-modern’ world?

There are ways of describing/defining hypersexualisation nut only by looking at its effects > APA model

Like Defining the wind by referencing things which have been blown over

Wikipedia on Ideology

  • Collection of doctrines/beliefs shared by a group
  • Consciously or unconsciously
  • Less encompassing than a world view (ontology)
  • Every political/economic tendency entails ideology

Tools of analysis based on ideology have been used to deconstruct hypersexualisation (eg socialist feminism, psychoanalysis)

Socialisation continues into adulthood

Impossible to prove a direct casual link between born/hypersexualisation and harm but notion of ‘rape culture’ is useful

Comparison of models of socialisation and sexualisation

Do feminists think we’re ‘better’ because we believe we can see through media imager when others can’t?

  • Do I?

Notion that ‘proper’ feminists don’t enjoy or consume certain media. Discussions on enjoying problematic material

Shift in culture in recent years and during the course of my research. Lads mags and page three are gone.

  • Did feminists win these battles?
  • Med seem to have lost interest in FHM etc – no longer commercially viable – seen as tacky vs ease of access to free, more explicit porn online

‘Win your girlfriend a boob job’ and ‘puppies cam’ contributed to my outrage and desire to research in this area

  • Has hypersexualisation achieved its goals?
    • Become the norm? – more subtle and pervasive
    • What does this mean?

Do my participants watch music videos?

  • How? With whom?
  • Ask about genres/bands
  • Survey monkey – basic quants view of field

As part of analysis look at Youtube comments on music videos > ethics of doing so?

Assumption that audiences are producers of meaning (not just digesters/consumers)

  • They produce meaning within personal and social contexts
    • Context of hypersexualisation
    • Existing within a hypersexualised society

Problem of establishing a causal relationship – chicken and egg scenario

  • Does hypersexualisation cause X or do people who demonstrate X consume more hypersexualised media?

Hypersexualisation isn’t just the media consumed, or the process, but the context in which media is consumer in > Hypersexualised society



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