UK Feminista Summer School

Art & Activism

  • Campbell X – film ‘Stud Life’
  • Trans women are rarely portrayed, and when they are, it is often by cis women/men
  • Need to create a queer alternative
    • Masculine of centre women
    • Moving beyond gender presentations
  • Queering desire
    • Queer people of colour
    • Butch/femme
    • Trans women
    • Non -gender conformity
  • No-one in ‘Stud Life’ mentions being gay/trans/black they are humans with lived experiences

Lose The Lads Mags

  • Sussex uni study into the language used
  • Normalising the objectification  of women
  • Lads mags come into public spaces and are normalised
  • Contempt for women
  • Link between consumption of mags and levels of sexism
  • ‘Thats what she said’ NUS report
  • Lad Culture
    • Sexual harassment and humiliation
    • Group/pack mentality
    • Mysogyny
    • Homophobia
    • Nights out and themed club nights

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