Rosalind Gill – Sixpacks, Midriffs and hot lesbians in advertising

  • How useful is the term sexualisation?
  • Note that feminist responses to sexualisation differ from anti-porn arguments (Dworkin, Mackinnon)
  • Gender asymmetry of sexualisation

  • Does Levy observe from a middle class white perspective?
  • I am researching hypersexualisation but do I really just mean sexualisation of women?
  • Sexualised images of men do exist now
    • Hardly a sign of equality = men being given the same rubbish as women!!
      • Male cosmetics
        • Now men are being ‘duped’ too?
        • This is not a cause for celebration
  • Shift from sexual objectification to sexual subjectification
  • Importance of how images are read
    • The same shot of a man will be read differently because of the history of patriarchy
    • Likewise with race
  • Difficulties in observing an ongoing process which is constantly changing, how can I get a ‘snapshot’?

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