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e84012d7-3fff-4ef1-b80f-43337190343eI am Ellie and I am a fat, pansexual, feminist, socialist PhD student and part time university teacher. My passions are politics, live music, crafting and geek culture and the biggest loves in life are my wonderful friends, family and Tabby, my cat.

I have set up this site for reflections on the different parts of my personal, professional, political & academic life and to help me practise writing in general. My intention is to share some of these reflections (where it is appropriate, safe and ethical to do so) on my General Blog and field notes and academic reflections in my PhD Notebook. Additionally, see Feminist Pedagogy for my Teaching Journal, Material & Experience. Other cool sites you should check out can be found HERE.

Other thoughts & observations on the mundanities of my life in general are in the Life Outside section which includes the following mini blogs –


My thesis is called ‘Sexy Girls: Investigating Hypersexualisation and Raunch Culture’ which I am undertaking at the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of York.  As Raunch Culture enters a new phase by where it is expanding, diversifying and, most importantly being amalgamated as a norm in mainstream consumer culture I am investigating what effect this will have on the freedom, equality and safety of women and young girls. Historical perspectives have tended to view Raunch Culture as either a dangerous threat, or an emancipatory opportunity, but my research seeks to create a more nuanced reconstruction of Raunch Culture by examining the ways in which it, and responses to it, have evolved over time. I am seeking to create this reconstruction by asking how women (and non-binary folk) make sense of hypersexualisaed cultural productions and how this sense-making aligns with or disrupts, existing theory in the hopes of creating a new ‘post-raunch’ framework.

My research takes a multi-faceted approach combining interviews and focus groups, textural analysis of celebrity selfies and autoethnographic enquiry into my own position, experiences of, and responses to, Raunch culture in a bid to create research which in addition to having academic merit, serves as a form of feminist political activism.

A Key component of my thesis will be autoethnographic work in which I will be focusing on how I am politically and culturally situated in my research. I will be introspecting on my biases, conflicts, privileges, experiences and opinions of the research process and examining how my ongoing battles with depression and generalised anxiety interact with my research. In addition I will be reflecting on how my own understandings and responses to Raunch Culture have changed during the course of this project and why.


My research is, for me, an emotional and politically performative endeavour in that I view it as more than simply a means to an academic accomplishment, but also as a radical attempt to contribute (however insignificantly) towards a broader struggle for social justice for people of all genders and as a response to the capitalist patriarchy that defines life in westernised cultures.

Other academic interests include

  • The position of the researcher in research
  • Activismgraduation-1449488_1920
  • Mental health
  • Pedagogical Theory and Practice
  • Feminism and Technology
  • LGBTQ* Issues
  • Political theory.
  • Social History

My approach is interdisciplinary and I draw on frameworks and methodologies from across Sociology, Cultural Studies and Politics to name a few.

If you’re interested in getting involved in my research please visit the Information for Participants page and/or Contact Me directly.

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